Installing neo4j 1.9 ubuntu 12.04

for installing neo4j 1.9 community,  we need Java before installing, How to install java can be navigate in this post

this is step by step installing neo4j 1.9  community

  • Download neo4j community from here
  • Extract neo4j package by using this command
    $ tar xzvf neo4j-community-1.9.tar.gz
  • move the folder into your destination folder (I move my neo4j in /usr/local)
    $ mv neo4j-community-1.9 /usr/local
  • change folder permission so the other user can have access to read and write neo4j
    $ sudo chmod 777 /usr/local/neo4j-community-1.9
  • try to start neo4j
    $ cd /usr/local/neo4j-community-1.9
    $ bin/neo4j start

now you have neo4j installed in your ubuntu


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