Installing RHive in Ubuntu 12.04

I install RHive using this environment :

  1. OS : Ubuntu 12.04
  2. Java : 1.7. update 21
  3. Hadoop : 1.3
  4. Hive : 0.11.0
  5. R : 3.0.2

installing r
source :

list of r mirror :


1. type these command in terminal
$ gpg –keyserver –recv-key E084DAB9
$ gpg -a –export E084DAB9 | sudo apt-key add –

2. edit sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list) and add this following line
deb precise/

3. install r
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install r-base

5. Installing rJava
– installing from aptitude
$ sudo apt-get install r-cran-rjava

6. installing rserver
– installing from aptitude
$ sudo apt-get install r-cran-rserve

7. Add package RHive in R
– run R
$ R (or alternative : $ sudo R)
– in R shell, install RHive package, by run these
> install.packages(“rJava”)
> install.packages (“RHive”)

Alternative (simple step):
Directly install RHive inside R shell
1. Configure Java
$ R CMD javareconf -e
2. run R
$ R → or alternative
$ sudo R
3. install RHive package, type this command in R shell
> install.packages(“RHive”)

Next : connecting R with Hive


2 thoughts on “Installing RHive in Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Dear,
    i have followed your steps to install Rhive on ubuntu 14.04 machine . Everything worked fine for me till the Rhive package installation. but when i tried for rhive using both the steps i have got a warning message: package ‘RHive’ is not available (for R version 3.2.2)
    can you suggest me some way to resolve it or if any mistake i could be doing with it.

    • Dear, I am not sure about your problem, it probably because of the OS..I have some problem with ubuntu 14.04, and the Java is also sensitive..make sure you use JDK not openJDK..

      Sorry it it doesn’t give much help

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