Change Apple ID to update XCODE

Thanks to venkat from stackoverflow, you can see the complete information here

Previously I am looking for many source to update xcode since the iphone device now is running ios 9.1 and I cannot downgrade it. So the option is I need to update the previous xcode (version 6) that only support until ios 8. First it’s lill bit frustrating because I tried many times using different solutions and still not working, but this one is working like a charm. Thank you so much ^^

Step by step to change the Apple Developer ID that Xcode has associated using Mac OS X’s Keychain Access App :

  1. Quit Xcode
  2. Open Finder and navigate to Applications,
  3. Ctrl+Click the application and choose “Show Package Contents” (Xcode in this case),
  4. Expand the Contents directory and click the _MASReceipt directory to select it, Type Command+Delete to delete the directory permanently—you will be prompted for your credentials since this is a protected file.
  5. Quit and restart AppStore, then find the application. You can update with your new id now without deleting the old version of the app

Above solution is working for me, when I am writing this post I am waiting for download finish..

Other solutions by using Mac OS’X Keychain can be found here

Hope this help ^^


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