Display the word ‘Figure’ in List of Figure Latex

Configuring my thesis document format it’s quite tedious :D, but so interesting.

I also want to know How can i set my listoffigures to display the word ‘Figure’ before the figure number?

What i want is that the List of Figures displays as follows:

Figure 1 : caption………………………….page
Figure 2 : caption………………………….page
Figure 3 : caption………………………….page

Getting the tips from this source, the solution will be

Re: Figures and listoffigures..  Topic is solved

Postby Stefan_K on Mon Jun 30th, 2008

Hi fipoo,

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You could use the tocloft package to customize the list of figures, see its documentation. Have a look at the following small example demonstrating it similar to your description:


Thank you


Changing Figure 1.1 to Figure 1

I would like to change the Figure caption format without including chapter number,

then I found the answer here :

by following this example:

% ———-
% this needs to be in the preamble:
% ———-




or you can see the complete example in writelatex

How to change the name of document elements like “Figure”, “Contents”, “Bibliography” in Latex

I’d like to modify the names used to typeset some of my document elements. For example, the caption of figure floats should change from “Figure” to “Fig.”, and my \tableofcontentssectioning heading shouldn’t read “Contents”, but “Table of Contents”.

I get the step by step from this source :

Tex exchange

For me, since I am using \usepackage[english]{babel} the following is works by adding it before \begin{document}

  \renewcommand{\contentsname}{Table of Contents}%

Change capter font and format Latex

Writing the thesis Latex format somehow we face some unusual format of chapter. Usually the chapter heading is written like this

Chapter 1


however, I would like to make it like the following:

1. Introduction

with Introduction font is small caps font,

For making it happen, getting references from this site, we can add the following option to customize it

* adding the package


*add the following lines before \begin{document}

\vspace*{50 pt}%
{\setlength{\parindent}{0pt} \raggedright \fontfamily{phv}\selectfont\bfseries\LARGE
\color{blue} {\thechapter.\ #1\par\nobreak\vspace{20 pt}}}}


and yay, it works for my Latex document ^^

the full example is here

more option can be seen here

Korean Hangeul in Latex

I am looking for the tutorial or tips on how to write Korean character (hangeul) in Latex. Most of them mention about using CJK package, however I had a lot of problem and error to get CJK package to work, so i found the tutorial from this source, and try it on my Latex Project.

The package name called “kotex”




In the tutorial, the writer said that :

The good part about this was I was able to simply copy and paste hangeul from websites into the LaTeX document and it worked fine. I only wanted a few words (my name) as well, so this option might be quicker and easier.